Reducing the Risk of Catastrophic Failure in the Software Defined Data Center

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Provided by: Nlyte Software
Topic: Cloud
Format: Webcast
The Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) is one the hottest areas in high tech, fueled in part by recent introductions of comprehensive offerings of virtualized servers, storage and networking. These abstractions create highly dynamic movements of workloads, and in the process can dramatically affect the physical resources required to power and cool the involved devices. Currently this abstraction is based upon the assumption that the physical resources underneath are essentially infinite in capacity. Most data center operators have not considered that these resources are in reality FINITE in nature and hence must be considered as part of their virtualization strategy. Simply put, movement of workloads to devices that do not have the appropriate resources (e.g., power and cooling) can lead to catastrophic failure of your data center.

This webinar will provide a brief overview of the Software Defined Data Center (including virtualization of servers, storage and networking) and then will focus on the expanded role of Critical Facilities and its coordination with IT Service Management in the software-defined data center.
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