Revolutionizing IT with Block Chain and Cloud computing

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Provided by: IBM
Topic: Cloud
Format: Webcast
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a hot topic. With more and more businesses developing intelligent devices, IoT will become an important component of business models. Yet, there is still some confusion in regards to how a business can collect, protect, and analyze all of its data to better serve its customers. One solution is to decentralize the IoT by leveraging the “block chain”-- the technology platform underlying Bitcoin, and IBM has a POV on how to leverage while also bringing cloud computing to the forefront as an important part of this ecosystem. By making the case for rethinking the technology strategy at the foundation of the IoT to be secure, scalable and efficient, IBM can help address the problems of cost, privacy, and longevity of smart devices. Join this live interactive webcast to learn more!
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