Securing SMEs in an evolving Threat Landscape – On Demand Webcast

According to Symantec, SMEs represented 50% of the population attacked in 2012, whereas in 2013 they represented 61%. In today’s evolving threat landscape it has become important to ensure SMEs keep their data safe, as well as protecting their network from becoming a host for cybercriminals. Not only will an attack damage their reputation, it could also breach stringent local and international business and financial laws.

Watch our on-demand webcast, “Securing SMEs in an evolving Threat Landscape” and learn:

How the increase use in technology brings an increase in cyber attacks
Find out how criminals see smaller businesses as easy targets to their end goal – attacking larger organizations
The changes your organisation needs to make for a successful secure culture
Look at the challenges you must overcome to be successful with creating a secure environment
Consider ways of reducing the risk of a cyber security breach and mitigating any harm a breach may cause

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