The Best Network for VMware NSX is Open

With the rise of data center virtualization, cloud deployments, and security breaches, companies have increasingly been turning to VMware NSX to help secure and simplify their network.

While many physical network infrastructure implementations will work with NSX, there are ideal best-practice installations that can substantially reduce your cost and management time. Integrating the best network infrastructure model – Open Networking — with the virtualized networking capabilities of NSX can make all the difference in simplifying deployment and helping customers avoid costly project overruns.

CBS Interactive is proud to present, “The Best Network for VMware NSX is Open,” an interactive webcast about how you can best build a network that will grow with you into the future.

  • Learn how a virtual network can save your company time and money while adding a layer of security, flexibility, and responsiveness
  • Discover how the Open Networking model based on Dell switches and Big Switch Big Cloud Fabric can help you optimize network operations and performance
  • Explore how to choose the right open hardware for your environment while avoiding pitfalls that come with making the wrong choice

Dell EMC is in a unique position to provide a superior underlay through Open Networking. Open Networking breaks the traditional proprietary networking paradigm by disaggregating the hardware from the software, enabling customers to choose the OS and hypervisors best-suited for their needs.

Open Networking with NSX combines these two new paradigms to deliver superior security and visibility, simplified and accelerated time to deployment, and the lowest TCO for NSX deployments in the industry. Come hear specifics from Dell EMC, Big Switch Networks, VMware, and Whatcom Educational Credit Union as they share how they are building networks that are secure, agile, and cost-effective.

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