The role of Big Data and Data Lakes for Enterprise AI (IBM & Hortonworks) Webcast

This webinar explores the role of data and data lakes on enterprise AI deployments. Join IBM and Hortonworks as we explore big data in the enterprise as a necessary enabler of AI. We’ll address how today’s large enterprises are transitioning from their slow batch-oriented data lakes, sometimes referred to as “data swamps” or “data cemeteries”, to high-performance data platforms capable of supporting near real-time AI.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Data as a foundation for AI—Explore AI as a progression of big data and analytics
  • Data Lake 3.0—Learn how data lakes must evolve to support modern enterprise AI initiatives
  • AI-era data architectures—Examine the role that infrastructure plays in the performance of modern data lakes, and how choosing inappropriate architectures can handicap AI initiatives

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