The Untapped IT Strategy: Unleashing Citizen Development

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Provided by: Intuit
Topic: After Hours
Format: Webcast
Historically, Citizen Development has been broadly used to describe the value of non-IT employees within business application development. Gartner recently found that, “by 2020 at least 70% of large enterprises will have established successful Citizen Development policies, up from 20% in 2010.”

To date, most IT leaders have focused more on the risk of Citizen Development than on the tremendous value it could bring to their organization. That is because, until now, there have been few definitive authorities on Citizen Development, who could demonstrate its ROI potential to IT leaders.

Request the on-demand recording and presentation for this webinar to hear Dion Hinchcliffe, Chief Strategy Officer of Adjuvi, LLC,and a QuickBase Platform Evangelist discuss the findings from the first in-depth poll on Citizen Development and outline the definitive framework for how IT leaders can maximize the value of Citizen Developers.

Watch this webinar and discover:

  • Quantifiable metrics to assess your Citizen Development opportunity and risk
  • Definitive guide on how IT can maximize Citizen Development for business application development
  • Real world examples of how this strategy has transformed organizations like yours

With the hard hitting figures and frameworks presented in this webinar, you’ll be able to drive the application development outcomes you desire and eliminate your IT backlog.
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