Time to get on top of your core enterprise application modernization

It has become crystal clear in 2020, that European organisations need to enhance their core business applications, now more than ever before.

While we can see the urgency, the problem is only 10% of organizations are excelling at DevOps, even though 70% of organizations claim to be using it today, and this will get to 80% in 2021. Organizations are still stuck with bad governance, processes and outdated skills. They continue to grapple with integrating legacy applications, inefficient manual processes and lack of business observability.

So, what do we mean by enhancing core business applications?

Join John O’Brien, Research Director European Application Services at IDC and Allan Coulter, IBM’s global SAP CTO when they discuss core application modernization, as a way to transform an outdated and inflexible core, and turn it into a data-driven, increasingly intelligent platform supporting transformational change.

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