Video: Getting up to speed on the 21st century data center

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21st Century Data Center feature

Today’s data centers are more critical than ever as the nerve centers of modern business. There are new technologies that can make data centers more flexible, more powerful, and far more efficient. Of course, there’s also the cloud and service providers like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure that are wooing companies to stop building their own data centers and simply purchase data center capacity on-demand. These are some of the main topics in this episode of "The Editors" (formerly known as "The IT Factor"), with Larry Dignan, ZDNet Editor in Chief, and Jason Hiner, TechRepublic Editor in Chief.

This show is part of our ZDNet and TechRepublic special feature on “The 21st Century Data Center.” We look at the IT and business factors that are driving the biggest transformation in data centers. That includes virtualization, data center consolidation, infrastructure as a service (otherwise known as outsourcing your data center to the cloud), hybrid cloud, and converged infrastructure.


Hosts: Larry Dignan, Jason Hiner
Executive Producer: Jason Hiner
Writer: Juan Martinez
Producers: Sonja Thompson, Chris McElhone
Camera: Chris McElhone

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