Webcast – 5 Essentials to make your data business-ready to drive digital transformation and compliance with AI at scale

Digital transformation is driving the evolution and creation of new business models. And data is the primary driver of transformation and competitive advantage, if you can use it.

Companies have more data at their disposal than ever before, but more data doesn’t mean the right data. Business leaders like you are struggling to drive digital transformation and compliance with new technologies like AI, but those effort will be stymied without a trusted information architecture and analytics foundation.

With IBM Unified Governance and Integration solutions, organizations can build a trusted, business-ready analytics foundation to accelerate digital transformation, modernize their operations, and embrace AI and compliance initiatives at scale.

Join us for this webcast to find out the 5 essential elements for getting your data business-ready and driving a successful transformation.

  • Learn how to build compliance into your data governance strategy
  • Discover ways to lay the groundwork for transformational AI at scale
  • Explore the role IBM data solutions play in helping organizations save money, reduce risk, and increase revenue

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