Webcast – Agile at scale: Improving velocity within the large enterprise

Speed. It’s not exactly a word often associated with huge enterprises. Yet speed is exactly what huge enterprises now need to compete in the modern, digital landscape. Credible competitive threats can arise overnight. Compatibility demands, capability needs, and entire product categories need to be transformed at warp speed.

Customers are no longer willing to wait. For anything.

The power of the large enterprise is the concentration of resources, customers, and talented personnel. All these moving parts work together like a perfectly oiled giant machine. The weakness of large enterprise is that infrastructure and inter-team communications is often cumbersome and slow.

Yet rapid, agile change is now more critical than ever before. Departments like R&D, sales, marketing, operations, manufacturing, legal, accounting, and HR (and even groups from outside companies) all need to work together on projects – and get them done quickly.

The solution is agile methodology. This process has been adopted in the rapid-paced startup world but has only recently been scaled up to meet the needs of large enterprises.

CBS Interactive is proud to present “Agile at scale: Improving velocity within the large enterprise,” a live, interactive webcast covering how large businesses can benefit from the power of agile development at enterprise scale.

* Learn about the need for agile and the challenges involved in scaling team-level collaboration across billion-dollar enterprises

* Explore how visibility, metrics, and collaboration tools can help you build a connected people and process infrastructure that can boost your responsiveness and enterprise agility

* Discover how a SaaS-based platform can help software and product development teams work together with other teams in large enterprises, reducing friction and decreasing time-to-market

Don’t miss “Agile at scale: Improving velocity within the large enterprise.” Join CBS Interactive Distinguished Lecturer David Gewirtz, author of The Flexible Enterprise, and Dennis Kozak, CA Technologies SVP, Next Generation Portfolio Strategy, in a lively discussion about how your enterprise can get up to speed with agile development and produce higher quality products and software faster and more effectively than your competition.

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