Webcast – Analytics in the Streaming Age

Enterprise data-of-value is being generated at an unprecedented pace. Raw data is flowing from social media, real-time transactions, instrumentation and metering from a wide variety of vertical applications, and vast fleets of connected Internet devices. Capturing, filtering, processing, and deriving real-time insights is, to put it mildly, a non-trivial process.

Taming data hyperflow with enormous volume, unyielding velocity, and considerable variety of data types and flow is critical if an enterprise wants to be able to act upon all these sources from network edge-points. What’s necessary is a real-time streaming data platform that can handle data ingestion, develop insights that are not just historical but predictive and prescriptive, and provide visibility at every stage.

CBS Interactive is proud to present “Analytics in the Streaming Age,” a live, interactive webcast about managing the volume, velocity, and variety hyperflow in the Internet of Everything era.

  • Learn about the challenges of data ingestion in a high-volume streaming environment
  • Explore the challenges and benefits involved in achieving real-time insights and visibility around streaming data
  • Discover common enterprise use cases where an integrated streaming data platform could transform operations, alerts, and complex event processing.

Don’t miss “Analytics in the Streaming Age.” Join ZDNet contributing editor Andrew Brust, founder and CEO of Blue Badge Insights, in a lively discussion about managing the data flow journey and lifecycle from edge to enterprise — and sometimes back again.

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