Webcast: Build Smarter Applications Fueled by Data with IBM and Apache(r) Spark(TM)

The combination of data and design is revolutionizing data science today. It’s not just about data access anymore. It is about embedding analytics fueled by data into the fabric of business and society. It’s also about data scientists and data engineers. IBM is committed to educating these data professionals worldwide on Apache(r) Spark(tm) technology, to help data scientists build models quickly, and iterate faster. IBM sees Spark as the analytics operating system upon which developers of all types, from startups to giant corporations, can build analytics. It’s about innovation, to drive intelligence into every business application including: IoT, web, mobile, social, business process and more. Join us and learn and hear how smarter applications fueled by data are powering the enterprise. IBM and Spark together are the start of something big in data and design. It’s time to deliver the power of data, simplicity of design and speed of innovation to your organization.

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