Webcast – Cloud Migration with Confidence: 7 Keys to Success

In the span of a decade, cloud services have matured into a multi-billion dollar market. The benefits of migrating to the cloud are also well documented: agility to change faster, get to market faster, rapid scalability, and better customer experiences.
But how do you know if and when you’ve achieved a successful migration? Whether you are starting your cloud journey, are in the process of migrating, or looking to scale your applications on AWS, instrumentation, measurement, and insights are key to migrating with confidence.

CBS Interactive is proud to present “Cloud Migration with Confidence: 7 Keys to Success”, a live, interactive webcast covering tips, techniques, insights, and lessons for migrating your workloads to the cloud. Join AWS and New Relic experts to:

  • Explore how to quickly identify elements of your stack that may require special attention or reconfiguration before, during, and after migration
  • Discover how to objectively and accurately monitor your apps and cloud infrastructure to ensure everything is running reliability
  • Prepare your applications and cloud infrastructure to run at scale and how microservices and dynamic infrastructure can help
  • Don’t miss “Cloud Migration with Confidence: 7 Keys to Success.” Join CBS Interactive Distinguished Lecturer David Gewirtz, author of The Flexible Enterprise, Abner Germanow, Sr. Director, Strategic and Partner Marketing, New Relic, and AWS expert, Kalpan Raval, Global Segment Leader – Migration tooling at Amazon Web Services, on cloud migration, in a lively discussion about the important steps you can take to make sure your teams, partners, and management feel confident in a successful cloud migration.

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