Webcast – Driving service success with real-time customer insight

Is the technology used at your company helping or hindering your ability to provide great customer care? When was the last time you were able to take time to evaluate your company’s technology focus? Many of us have disparate systems, standalone databases, and interfaces that get in the way of delivering world-class customer care.

Find out how your company can build a better technology foundation and provide the kind of service your customers deserve by joining our live Q&A, featuring an online talk with industry innovator Scott Walker of ethosIQ.

    During this Q&A, you will:

  • Learn how ethosIQ got started in the early days of cloud computing
  • Explore the pros and cons of cloud-based customer experience technologies
  • Discover how ethosIQ was able to save money, improve service, and build for the future

ethosIQ’s cloud-based and on-premises software has delivered business intelligence to multinational corporations and government agencies since 2009. ethosIQ’s award-winning software collects, correlates, and presents data from multiple disparate systems, empowering organizations to make informed, real-time decisions.

ethosIQ software solutions provide analysis and actionable insights that enable enterprise and government organizations to deliver better customer experiences while ensuring operational efficiencies and maximizing technology investments. ethosIQ provides the data that enables decisions in minutes, not days or weeks.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from Scott Walker and submit your questions, as well! Register now.

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