Webcast – Five Essential Steps to Future-Proof Your Cloud Strategy

Cloud has become the go-to buzzword for IT infrastructure implementations. But there’s a lot more to developing a future-proof IT strategy than embracing a catchy word. If you’re going to implement a cloud-based strategy, you have a lot of very important decisions to make.
One of the biggest is whether you’re going to layer your infrastructure on top of one of the public clouds out there, sharing resources, attention, and possibly security problems with everyone else on the same cloud.

You might consider building out a private cloud, which provides all the benefits of cloud but remains under your control. If you choose the private cloud approach, do you build that infrastructure yourself or host it on a partner’s infrastructure, perhaps a company that’s already invested the heavy fixed CAPEX costs into building data centers and telecom interchanges.

CBS Interactive is proud to present “Five essential steps to future-proof your cloud strategy,” a live, interactive webcast covering five key considerations you should take into account as you begin your journey into the cloud.

  • Learn about the five key factors (location, speed, expertise, cost, and security) that go into making a public or private cloud decision
  • Explore the barriers and challenges involved in different cloud implementations and the benefits and strengths private clouds offer many enterprises
  • Discover the many options for moving forward with your own private cloud through use cases from organizations that have implemented and succeeded with various cloud strategies

Don’t miss “Five essential steps to future-proof your cloud strategy.” Join CBS Interactive Distinguished Lecturer David Gewirtz, author of The Flexible Enterprise, Scott Brindamour, CenturyLink Sr. Director, Advanced Technology Solutions, and Greg Kaffenberger, VMWare Cloud Solution Strategist, in a lively discussion about how your organization can get up to speed with public and private clouds, increasing agility, reducing cost, and preparing for the future.

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