Webcast – Five mind-shift changes that come after migrating to the cloud

With all the hype about the cloud, one thing is missing: Once you migrate to the cloud, then what? For all these years, you’ve been managing physical servers and physical resources, fighting for floor space, worrying about power levels, dealing with chunking capital expense purchases, and stressing about securing your premises.

But now, you’ve moved some of your operations to the cloud. You can no longer reach out and touch your servers. There are no more blinkenlights to check. Virtual machines are spinning up here and there. Data is moving from vendor to vendor. Pieces of the same application are often managed by entirely separate companies. What’s going on?

CBS Interactive is proud to present “Five mind-shift changes that come after migrating to the cloud,” a live, interactive webcast covering how data center and IT operations change once they move from on-premises to somewhere… out there.

* Learn about the operational and logistical differences involved when IT migrates from an on-premises solution to cloud-based operations
* Explore the changes and challenges involved in when the cloud becomes your primary IT paradigm
* Discover the five mindset changes that you’ll need to adopt as you bring your cloud-based operations online

Don’t miss “Five mind-shift changes that come after migrating to the cloud.” Join CBS Interactive Distinguished Lecturer David Gewirtz, author of The Flexible Enterprise, Scott Brindamour, CenturyLink Sr. Director, US Architect Team, Advanced Solution Engineering, and Steve Ross, Partner Technology Strategist at Microsoft, in a lively discussion about how your organization can optimize its cloud-based operations by re-thinking some old-school IT practices.

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