Webcast – How AWS migration and a new monitoring vision support Nasdaq’s business transformation

Nasdaq is transforming – focusing on technology-driven innovation centered around its core strengths in market-powering technologies, data, and analytics. Supporting this move, Nasdaq is cloud-enabling all core applications using AWS for agility and using AppDynamics to speed up, visualize, and validate the migration process.

An AppDynamics-driven migration has enabled Nasdaq to support its core strategic pillars of user engagement, velocity, and agile infrastructure, enabling the organization to draw clear, understandable correlations between the customer experience and application performance.

Join experts from Nasdaq, AWS, and AppDynamics for an exclusive webinar. You’ll learn:

  • How to justify moving to AWS and re-platforming applications
  • How AppDynamics provides full visibility into hybrid cloud performance
  • How a common dashboard across ops, dev, and infrastructure teams can accelerate DevOps adoption,

    • Don’t miss this webinar featuring Heather Abbott, Senior Vice President of Corporate Solutions Technology at Nasdaq, David Aiken, Solution Architect at AWS; and Justin Vaughan-Brown, Director of Partner Marketing at AppDynamics.

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