Webcast – How to Build Intelligent Systems Using Cognitive Patterns

Developers today are increasingly using cognitive technology to build intelligent systems. By leveraging the machine learning, natural language processing, and even computer vision techniques found within the various cognitive services available, these intelligent systems are smarter today than ever before. However, with so many cognitive services available, its often confusing to see how they best fit together. By understanding the emerging cognitive patterns arising in the industry, you’ll learn how you can apply them to your domain-specific challenges.

While still in its infancy, cognitive technology will soon become fundamental to the success of the modern day business. With its ability to analyze and draw valuable insights from vast quantities of unstructured data, this technology will begin to enable us to make better decisions in almost every domain.

Today, entrepreneurs and developers are harnessing the power of cognitive technology to create new applications that deliver expert assistance. From providing personalized treatment recommendations in the medical domain, to advising sports fans on their fantasy football teams, the possibilities are endless. This webinar will explore how to leverage cognitive patterns to quickly create your own cognitive application.

Join this webinar to learn about:

  • What cognitive systems are
  • Where cognitive system are being used today
  • How to compose cognitive patterns into expert systems that solve domain-specific solutions

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