Webcast – How will blockchain, IOT and cognitive analytics transform the supply chain?​ ​

You’ve heard about blockchain, the Internet of Things and cognitive analytics, but like most IT staff, you’re probably unsure of their implications to your own operations.

CBS Interactive is proud to present “How will blockchain, IOT and Cognitive Analytics transform the supply chain?,” an interactive webcast about how blockchain, IOT and cognitive analytics will impact you, your company, and your supply chain operations.

  • Learn what blockchain is and how it can extend visibility across your supply chain.
  • Explore how IoT accesses a world of data that will bring you insight for better decisions.
  • Discover how IBM Watson technology provides cognitive capabilities to minimize and mitigate supply chain disruptions and how IBM Watson technology helps achieve improved visibility across your B2B relationships

    Join us for an exclusive webcast where you’ll learn from Shari Diaz, Ecosystem and Innovation Leader for IBM Watson Supply Chain, and David Gewirtz, CBS Interactive Distinguished Lecturer and author of The Flexible Enterprise. They’ll engage with you in a lively discussion about the ways that blockchain and other emerging technologies — such as cognitive analytics and IoT — will drive supply chain evolution.

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