Webcast: Red Bull Racing: the hard science behind Formula One

Formula One is an incredibly fast moving sport. There can be as little as a few hundredths of a second between first and second place. The speed of innovation is extreme – as many as 30,000 engineering changes are made over the course of a season. And with Formula One regulations becoming more stringent each year, increasing the volume and quality of simulations to test new designs becomes increasingly critical. Fast, highly accurate data-driven decision making, whether it’s in the factory or on the circuit, is critical for success.

Join Red Bull Racing as they discuss the high-tech innovations needed to achieve success and how IBM solutions help – from the drawing board to race day! And learn how you can translate this to achieve 30-50% greater throughput for your research, engineering and design workloads.


  • Matt Cadieux, CIO, Red Bull Racing
  • Nathan Sykes, CEA/FEA, Head of Numerical Tools at Red Bull Racing
  • Nick Werstiuk, Director, Storage & SDI Strategy, IBM

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