Webinar: Watson Studio: Simplify and scale AI for hybrid, multi-cloud world

Do you want to win with AI in the hybrid, multi cloud world? Are you tackling data, algorithms and apps to drive business value from AI? We got you covered. Come and learn how you can simplify and scale your AI projects on Watson Studio. Hybrid cloud use cases spanning cloud, desktop and local are featured.

Key Takeaways:

  • Open, trustworthy and secure approach to put AI to work for business
  • Go live and scale faster with AI-infused platform
  • Build train and deploy models across hybrid, cloud environments – including popular public cloud environments like AWS and Azure
  • Flexibility for cloud, on-premise and desktop deployment, bringing algorithms to wherever data resides
  • Progressing your AI/data science with Watson Studio

Register now and get ready to simplify and scale your AI investments to work for your business.

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