Your Patients Are Demanding Precision: Are you Ready?

The $1K genome is revolutionizing biomedical research right now and leading hospitals are quickly integrating genomic discoveries into clinical care. Cancer, pediatrics, rare diseases, pathogens, and drug responses are all being reshaped by genomics. Your patients have also woken up. They know about the ‘Metastatic Breast Cancer Project’, the ‘Cancer Moonshot’, and new online start-ups that match DNA to find personal cancer treatments. Active patients are walking in your doors and not forgetting to say “sequence me!” In this webinar, you will hear from two experts who are living on the cutting edge of precision medicine talk about the key trends, challenges, and provide practical guidance on how your IT organization

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • New discoveries across pediatrics, rare diseases, pathogens, and drug responses all being shaped by genomics, but with a focus on precision cancer.
  • The rise of active patients that will change the way you offer care because they are demanding precision in diagnosis and treatments.
  • How to best prepare for managing, storing, and analyzing the tsunami of genomic sequencing data coming your way most efficiently in order to give you a competitive edge.

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