10 all-purpose keyboard shortcuts to boost your Word efficiency (free PDF)

Word users tend to have a repertoire of go-to shortcuts, like Ctrl + C and Ctrl + Z—definitely timesaving for the keyboard-oriented. But a number of other highly useful tricks go undiscovered by many users. Check out this short list to see what you might be missing.

From the list:

Ctrl + 0 (zero)
Applies or removes 12 points of space above the current paragraph.

This sounds a little trivial, but you can improve readability of selected text in about two seconds using this trick. For instance, table text is often jammed up against top borders. Select the table and hit Ctrl + 0 and you’ll get an instant improvement.

Alt + drag the mouse vertically
Make a vertical text selection.

This keyboard/mouse hybrid is obscure but useful. Some users have trouble making it work, but the problem is usually sequence. Just make sure you press Alt before you press the mouse button and drag. Then, release Alt before you release the mouse button.

Shift + F3
Toggles through capitalization options.

This one isn’t perfect—for instance, it insists on capitalizing articles and prepositions in Title Case mode—but it’s still a big timesaver.

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