10 Firefox extensions that will enhance your Web surfing experience

Provided by: TechRepublic
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Because it is an open source project, the Firefox browser is continuously being improved and enhanced. These 10 Firefox extensions are just a few of the applications created for the platform by the community at large.

One of the main benefits of all most all open source software development is the willingness of the community to invest their time and energy into improving each application. One of the best examples of this behavior is Mozilla Firefox?an alternative Web browser to Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Hundreds of Firefox extensions, all created as part of open source development, are available, for free, to users of the browser. These extensions enhance and expand the features available in Firefox to include everything from blogging to RSS news readers. This download lists 10 useful Firefox extensions and explains how they can enhance your Web browsing experience.What is your favorite Firefox extension and why?

This download is also available as a TechRepublic article.

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