10 ways to prevent developer burnout (free PDF)

Burnout happens across all industries and job roles, but developers are especially susceptible. This ebook offers 10 strategies to help managers keep their developers from getting burned out.

From the ebook:

Burnout is a common phenomenon in the tech industry, particularly for developers: Close to 60% of developers report suffering from burnout, according to Blind, for reasons including poor leadership and unclear direction, work overload, and toxic work cultures.

“It’s obvious that job-related stress affects almost every industry, but we’re seeing higher numbers of burnout coming from the information technology industry, where a simple misconfiguration can cause millions of dollars in damage,” said Eric Shanks, solutions principal at AHEAD.

Developer team managers must find ways to prevent burnout, or risk losing employees. Here are 10 ways that managers can help prevent their developers from burning out.

Allow remote work and flexible scheduling
Particularly in areas where most workers have a long commute, allowing at least part-time work from home can make a huge difference in reducing stress and burnout. If possible, no meetings should be scheduled on work-from-home days, to allow developers time to focus on their work, said Cristian Rennella, CTO and co-founder of elMejorTrato.com.

“On average, a developer needs four hours in a row without interruptions to reach the level of concentration necessary to write quality code,” Rennella said. “Many times we forget this basic concept, and this leads over time to burnout of our developers that could be avoided.”

After moving to two work-from-home days per week, Rennella’s company increased developer retention by 24%, he said.

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