11-Bit 6.5MS/s SAR ADC for Wireless Applications

Provided by: International Journal of Information and Electronics Engineering
Topic: Mobility
Format: PDF
A 1.3V, 11-bit, 6.5 MS/s Successive Approximation ADC is presented. The ADC operates with a differential peak to peak input of 1V. The ADC uses the common mode resetting triple level switching scheme, non-binary generalized redundant algorithm, a rail-to-rail latched comparator and a input bootstrapped sampling switch. The simulation results of the ADC at an output data rate of 6.5 MS/s shows that it can achieve a Signal-to-Noise Distortion Ratio (SNDR) of 67.53 dB which corresponds to an Effective Number of Bits (ENOB) of 10.92. It also obtained a good linearity (DNL/INL) value of less than +-0.32 LSB.

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