15 books every programmer should read (free PDF)

Not all coding education should happen in front of a computer. The list of books in this PDF will help hone your abilities and sharpen your approach to becoming a topnotch developer.

From the ebook:

There are plenty of careers where books are essential, and to the casual observer software development wouldn’t seem to be one of them. Programmers who stand out from their peers know better.

You can easily find solutions to all your coding roadblocks with a Google search, but the solution to a syntax error won’t teach you about your craft.

Programming, coding, software development—whatever you call it, those are the things you do. What you are is a developer, and that isn’t just a job. It’s the modern equivalent of the skilled artisan of yesteryear.

Every program is handcrafted by a software artisan. To become a programmer who rises above the crowd of “people who know how to program” you need to take every opportunity to learn, hone your mind, improve your skills, and think like a craftsperson.

Here are 15 books to help you do just that. They won’t teach you to code—that’s what the internet is for—but they will teach you to be a programmer.

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