17 tips for protecting Windows computers and Macs from ransomware (free PDF)

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Provided by: TechRepublic
Topic: Security
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Ransomware is an escalating, increasingly sophisticated threat—and no one seems to be immune. This ebook discusses steps you can take to help reduce the risks of attack for both Windows computers and Macs.

From the ebook:

With the recent WannaCry ransomware infection affecting users on an international scale, the stakes are high for those who rely on technology to protect their data at all costs. This is especially true of critical systems, such as those that provide life-saving care in hospitals, infrastructure used to manage utilities, and information systems used in government services.

The approach to data security is not a one-size-fits-all solution, as it varies based on the organization’s needs and the resources available to it. Consideration must also be given to complying with any regulations that may exist specific to your industry.

With that said, safeguards are merely that. The risk associated with malware infections is always present, as risk can’t be eliminated. But applying multiple security applications as a layered solution provides comprehensive protection on several fronts to minimize the threat of a potential outbreak in accordance with best practices.
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