20 quick tips to make Linux networking easier (free PDF)

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Linux makes network administration simple and efficient, if you know a few tricks. This roundup of tips will help your Linux networking go more smoothly.

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Networking is a must-have on all levels of computing. And with some help, the Linux operating system can be the king of networking, in both ease of use and security. But that doesn't mean the average (and sometimes even the above-average) user can't use some help.

Although Linux has made significant advances over the years, there are still instances where the standard troubleshooting or optimizations won't work. Having a few tricks up your sleeve can make your life easier. Here are 20 tips I wanted to share with you. I hope they’ll help you in configuring, optimizing, and troubleshooting you Linux network woes.

Make use of your /etc/hosts file
The hosts file is used for static host names and offers a quick way to create networking shortcuts. One of the first things I do on a Linux machine is add various machines to the /etc/hosts file. This saves me from having to type a lot of IP addresses. The format of an address for this file is:


For example, if I use one machine for a backup location at IP address, I could enter: backups

Now if I have to connect to that machine, say with secure shell, I can just type ssh -v -l username backups to make the connection.
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