2000 Buy-Recycled Series Paper Products

The article expresses that through the CPG, EPA designates items that must contain recycled content when purchased by federal, state, and local agencies, or by government contractors, using appropriated federal funds. EPA also issues nonregulatory companion guidance?the Recovered Materials Advisory Notice (RMAN)?that recommends levels of recycled content for these items. Although federal agencies have made great strides in buying recycled-content paper, more can be done. After all, paper is still the most predominant material in our trash. Recycling is more than just dropping off the cans, bottles, and newspapers at the curb or at the local collection facility. Diverting recyclables from the waste stream is only the first of three steps in the recycling process. The second step occurs when companies use these recyclables to manufacture new products. The third step comes when one purchase products made from recovered materials. The article points out that Procuring agencies include all federal agencies, and any state or local government agency or government contractor that uses appropriated federal funds to purchase the designated items. The CPG acknowledges, however, that specific circumstances might arise that preclude the purchase of products made with recovered materials. The agency may purchase designated items that do not contain recovered materials if it determines that: 1) the price of a given designated item made with recovered materials is unreasonably high, 2) there is inadequate competition (not enough sources of supply), 3) unusual and unreasonable delays would result from obtaining the item, or 4) the recycled-content item does not meet the agency?s reasonable performance specifications.

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