2015 IT Budget Trends


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  • Published September 29, 2014
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The Tech Pro Research report on 2015 IT budget trends focuses on how much money are companies spending, and is it more or less than last year. This report includes information on whether budgets are increasing or decreasing, what the process is for determining the annual IT budget, what level are the IT budget decisions being made at, and what technologies or business goals are driving the IT budget.

Tech Pro Research surveyed nearly 200 IT professionals around the world, representing a diverse array of industries, and company sizes. The biggest segment of organizations have 50 or fewer employees, but 5% of the companies that participated in the survey have 5,000 or more. The report identified some interesting trends around who creates the IT budgets and how they’re approved. Overall, it seems that most companies are feeling better about the economy, and spending more — both in general, and on IT specifically — but there are more hoops to jump through now in order to justify budget requests and get funds allocated.

Some of the survey results are surprising. It was interesting to learn how the slow economy affected the IT budget process, for instance. Although the IT department head is responsible for developing the IT budget for 45% of the organizations in the survey, in many organizations the actual budget creation has been escalated to the CFO or CEO.

Download the full report to find out what companies are planning for 2015.

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