2019 State of the Internet / Security: 2019 — A Year in Review (Spanish)

Take a look back at the most important and impactful news and research from 2018. The State of the Internet / Security: A Year in Review report helps you prepare for the year ahead by summarizing the trends, attacks, and security events that indicate how the threat landscape is evolving.

The report also includes Akamai Chief Security Officer Andy Ellis’ analysis and the outlook for 2019.

Read the report to learn:

  • How an underground gig economy is driving specialization among adversarial actors
  • Why some malicious actors are selling rather than using stolen credentials
  • Which types of phishing attacks are most successful
  • Why smaller botnet attacks aren’t necessarily less effective
  • How partnerships with law enforcement helped bring down a major DDoS-for-hire site
  • What analysis of normalized web application attack data can reveal
  • Why organizations should be concerned about the dark side of APIs

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