2021 Cloud Report

Each year, Cockroach Labs develops the only cloud performance report comparing the three largest U.S. cloud providers — AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud — using industry-standard benchmarks that reflect real-world, critical applications and workloads.

For the 2021 Cloud Report, we ran over 1,000 tests to evaluate each provider on CPU, network throughput and latency, storage read/write performance, and the TPC-C database benchmark.

Who ended up on top? Download the report now to find out.

  • Which cloud is the most cost efficient
  • How to evaluate performance tradeoffs
  • How to assess the cost/benefit of disks and CPU processors

We want to help others understand the performance and cost tradeoffs of each cloud and its machines.

The 2021 Cloud Report runs over 1,000 microbenchmark tests to evaluate CPU, network, storage, and TPC-C performance.

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