2021 Data Exposure Report, Volume II

Cut the Cord: DLP and CASB solutions don’t combat today’s Insider Risk

Security leaders across the industry know they need a more nuanced strategy than simply looking at good versus bad actions, and they know their teams will never actually reduce risk while living in the forced “maintenance mode” of these policy-based tools. The world has changed, and security needs to evolve to keep up. Volume II of the 2021 Data Exposure Report examines how respondents who have a policy-based tool, like DLP, have addressed data protection in the last year.

Key findings from this report:

  • More than three-quarters of organizations have suffered a data breach despite having a DLP solution in place
  • More than half of organizations continue to use a network DLP solution to mitigate insider risk despite the acknowledgement that the network perimeter has dissolved
  • More than half of security professionals continue to rely on DLP and CASB solutions that do not provide visibility into untrusted destinations such as personal email and private cloud environments

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