250+ tips for telecommuting and managing remote workers


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  • Published March 26, 2020
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Working remotely has long been a trend in IT, but now, thanks to the spread of COVID-19, it’s becoming a reality for some of the IT workforce. While some employees may rejoice at the opportunity to work from home, others may view it with trepidation.

What collaboration tools, equipment, and software are necessary for a home office? How should telecommuters organize their day? Will some workers be disadvantaged because they’re not in areas with robust broadband? What’s the best way to host a video conference? How do you curb distractions like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter?

TechRepublic Premium compiled the top tips--more than 250--to help tech professionals make the shift to remote work. Whether you’re the telecommuter or managing telecommuters, this ebook offers hundreds of helpful tips, strategies, and best practices in regards to productivity, time management, tools and equipment, morale, security, video conferencing, collaboration, management, and much more.

In the ebook:

  • Work from home: 64 expert tips for staying healthy, happy, and productive
  • 10 ways to avoid work-at-home traps
  • Work from home? Things I wish someone had told me before I started
  • How to avoid the time-suck of social networks while working at home
  • Your work from home hardware dilemma: Desktop or laptop with docking station?
  • 10 ways to immediately improve workstation ergonomics
  • 8 communication tips for telecommuters to master
  • 24 video conferencing tips to go from telecommuting zero to hero
  • Working from home: Cybersecurity tips for remote worker
  • How to stop remote workers from causing a security incident: 3 tips
  • How to protect yourself from coronavirus-themed malware
  • How to boost telecommuters’ morale during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • 10 tips for leaders to better engage their remote workforce
  • How to keep a remote team engaged during meetings
  • Remote workers’ output, loneliness, privacy, coverage: Tips on managing these issues
  • How to protect your organization from security threats amidst the rise in telecommuters
  • 13 etiquette tips for video conference calls
  • Tech essentials for working at home
  • And so much more!

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