30 Microsoft Edge extensions that are genuinely useful (free PDF)

From password managers to translation tools to private browsing, Edge is slowly but surely building up its collection of extension offerings. This ebook looks at various categories of extensions and recommends some top picks.

From the ebook:

It took Microsoft’s Edge some time to add an extension model, and extensions are still curated through the Microsoft Store to avoid performance and security issues. (Developers have to get them approved for distribution, although enterprises can package their own extensions for sideloading.)

As a result, although the development model is deliberately similar to make it easy for developers to bring them to Edge, there isn’t the mass of extensions for Edge that there are for Chrome and Firefox (141 at the time of writing). However, a number of the best-known extensions have been showing up, like Grammarly for checking your grammar, Mailtrack for checking when Gmail messages have been read, and Boomerang for scheduling the sending of Gmail messages. Here’s our pick of the Edge extensions worth getting from the Store.

Site-specific extensions
There are a number of extensions that work with specific sites and will be useful if you use those sites. Save to Pocket saves pages to read later. Pinterest Save Button sends the current page to Pinterest. The Reddit Enhancement Suite does everything from changing the background and adding filters to previewing comments and opening images inline. The separate Toolbox extension gives moderators extra tools for working with reddits. F.B. (FluffBusting) Purity offers some similar filtering and customising options for the Facebook site, like hiding sponsored posts and the trending box or filtering out images by type and using CSS to change the site style. Amazon Assistant gives you quick links to your wishlists and the deal of the day. Enhancer for YouTube and MyTube Companion let you set default quality formats and control autoplay and preploads.

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