38 GHz and 60 GHz Angle-Dependent Propagation for Cellular & Peer-To-Peer Wireless Communications

Provided by: New York University
Topic: Mobility
Format: PDF
As the cost of massively broadband semiconductors continue to be driven down at millimeter wave (mm-wave) frequencies, there is great potential to use LMDS spectrum (in the 28 - 38 GHz bands) and the 60 GHz band for cellular/mobile and peer-to-peer wireless networks. This paper presents urban cellular and peer-to-peer RF wideband channel measurements using a broadband sliding correlator channel sounder and steerable antennas at carrier frequencies of 38 GHz and 60 GHz, and presents measurements showing the propagation time delay spread and path loss as a function of separation distance and antenna pointing angles for many types of real-world environments.

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