5 Considerations for Transforming Your ECM Strategy with Cloud Content Management

Digital transformation is forcing businesses to rethink how collaboration and process occur across their extended enterprise, blurring the definitions of “back office” and “front office.” It’s also making it increasingly important to get more value out of their content, while also addressing modern security and regulatory requirements. Although legacy enterprise content management systems helped manage the most sensitive content, they were never designed to accommodate the new mobile, highly agile business processes of the digital age. A new strategy is needed.

As organizations of nearly all sizes and in all geographies and industries embrace digital transformation as a new framework for advancing their business goals, new ideas are necessary to use content as a centerpiece for digital transformation.

Download this White Paper to learn why more and more organizations are adopting a cloud content management framework to support the agility, flexibility, affordability and real-time scalability required in the age of digital business.

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