5 Must Ask DNS Questions

Cybercriminals are evolving and increasingly, they are capitalizing on the open and unprotected nature of the Domain Name System (DNS). They are using the infrastructure’s vulnerabilities to launch damaging phishing attacks, malware and ransomware campaigns, and data exfiltration against companies. How are you proactively protecting your network and users from these targeted threats? Here are five things to ask yourself as you consider a DNS security solution for your company:

  • How many requests does your recursive DNS resolve per day?
  • What does irregular DNS traffic look like?
  • Do you know that recursive DNS can be used to exfiltrate data from your enterprise?
  • Can you apply policy to block malicious activity across your entire company in seconds?
  • Is DNS part of your layered security system?

Proactively protecting your recursive DNS from targeted threats is imperative, and incorporating a cloud solution like Akamai’s new Enterprise Threat Protector into your security stack is now easier than ever.

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