5G: What it means for edge computing (free PDF)

With the potential for high-bandwidth, low-latency wireless data transmission, 5G is set to play a key role in connecting edge devices to the cloud. In this special feature, ZDNet and TechRepublic helps business leaders understand how cloud providers, telecoms, and carriers will make 5G part of their edge-computing plans. Learn more in this free PDF download.

In the download:</p

  • 5G: What it means for edge computing
  • Research: What 5G means for edge computing
  • From robots to XR: How 5G is unleashing next-gen manufacturing
  • 6 industries impacted by the combination of 5G and edge computing
  • With 5G, edge computing and IoT will surge: Now’s the time to upgrade your edge
  • What is an ‘edge cloud?’ The wild card that could upend the cloud
  • 5G reinvented: The longer, rougher road toward ubiquity
  • Dell CTO touts 2021 as the year 5G stops being just about the consumer
  • Verizon, Amazon demonstrate connected vehicles using 5G, edge computing with LG, Renovo, Savari
  • Microsoft to enable new 5G edge computing scenarios with Azure Edge Zones, now in private preview
  • Developers: This new edge-computing service lets you test out ultra-quick apps
  • How edge computing may revamp, revitalize commercial real estate

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