60 ways to get the most value from your big data initiatives (free PDF)

Big data is gaining strategic importance for companies large and small—but many of the benefits are lost due to a lack of experience, planning, and best practices. This ebook provides actionable advice to help organizations find effective ways to get the most from their big data projects.

From the ebook:

A 2017 survey by digital workplace platform provider Prysm revealed that 80% of organizations reported more accurate decision making when using data visualization tools, and 86% of companies said that data visualization enabled them to make decisions faster.

This news has important implications for big data and analytics, which are now both areas where companies expect to see direct business value quickly. For data analysts who are still toiling to deliver columnar or spreadsheet-style reports from big data, the implications are even clearer: Business executives, line managers, and staffers still believe that a picture is worth a thousand words.

The more you can convert your reports into visual presentations that deliver immediate bottom lines, the more your users will perceive and derive value from your efforts.

If you’re in charge of big data and analytics projects, these three things will help you maximize your use of data visualization in big data and analytics projects.

Adopt an approach where you visualize everything possible
Unless you have a project that is narrowly tailored so that it delivers data only (possibly a finance application), you should be asking yourself if there’s a visualization product to deliver. This product could be as simple as a dashboard that gives the user a green, yellow, or red light to inform them how systems are running—or it could be a distribution of certain demographics across a district, a state, or a country map to assist the marketing team in planning a campaign and targeting promotions.

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