7 Reasons to Switch to Veeam from Legacy Backup

Lately, more Legacy Backup customers than ever are switching to Veeam®. Modern enterprises demand Always-On Availability that Veritas can’t offer. Restoration of all IT services running in the hybrid cloud within minutes or even seconds is needed by organizations.

Digital transformation, business continuity and increased agility cannot be achieved without replacing legacy backup. Veeam helps businesses meet Service level agreements (SLAs), reliability is increased and operational complexity is reduced — resulting in improved ROI and lower TCO (total cost of ownership).

Learn why switching to Veeam will help you better meet customer demands. Read this white paper and learn how:

The modern, highly virtualized, hybrid-cloud world is what Veeam is designed for
A proven history of being first to deliver market-defining technologies makes Veeam an innovation leader
Substantially fewer downtime and fewer backup and replication failures come to Veeam customers than those with legacy backup solutions

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