7 steps for onboarding remote employees


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  • Published December 14, 2020
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IT departments already faced a bewildering array of responsibilities, and 2020 only added to the list. As the COVID-19 pandemic changes the way organizations operate, it’s important that technology staff roll with the transformations and adjust procedures to best accommodate needs and mission. Making changes to assist the hiring and onboarding process for staff that works remote is one such example.

There’s no surer way to bungle a new employee’s introduction and forfeit truly enabling and leveraging the skills of a needed new hire than by forgetting to set up an email account, failing to provide proper equipment, or leaving a new employee feeling neglected, and unsupported.

Following the seven steps provided by TechRepublic Premium and in the accompanying checklist each time a new remote employee is hired can reduce errors and prevent embarrassing oversights while also assisting new employees in quickly contributing to the organization’s mission, department goals, and individual responsibilities.

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