7 steps for setting goals in a new year


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  • Published December 20, 2020
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Although any time is better than never, a new year offers a perfect occasion for reviewing and confirming IT priorities. Tech pros can implement these seven planning steps to successfully set and track goals and subsequently prioritize initiatives.

This article from TechRepublic Premium details seven specific steps to help you establish goals--both professional and personal--for the new year.

From the article:

The end of a year provides an ideal opportunity for revisiting the previous year’s goals and performance, reviewing personal and professional aspirations and prioritizing the upcoming year’s initiatives. There’s no debating the time you invest exploring what went wrong, what needs to be done, what should be accomplished and how, all while maintaining a balance that ensures you work a healthy, productive year that best benefits everyone involved is worth the effort. Quick scans of perennial best-selling business, leadership, and self-improvement books confirm the importance of planning and setting goals.

But where to start? These seven steps provide a roadmap for navigating the process.

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