7 Ways to Increase Trust in Accounting from Top to Bottom – Report

Trust within the accounting organization is critical at every level.

Accountants must trust controllers to provide them with the most useful solutions and technology. Controllers must trust that accountants will consistently deliver a strong financial close, and CFOs must trust the numbers they’re given.

A recent study by BlackLine revealed that the majority of CFOs do trust the numbers, but only 38% of finance professionals felt the same. And 69% thought that they, their CEO, or their CFO “made a significant business decision based on out-of-date or incorrect financial data.”

Read this white paper to learn how your organization can help accountants at every level fulfill the need and drive to be consistent, reliable, and timely. You’ll learn seven steps designed to build trust that will help you:

  • Enable your accountants to do their best work
  • Drive change management, not just change leadership
  • Gain buy-in and generate short-term wins

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