7 Ways to Make Yourself Hard to Hack

An Approach that will buy the Time You Need

Call it layered security or defence in depth, but just make sure that you use it. While the concept is as old as IT security thinking itself, that doesn’t make applying layers of security any less relevant today. Choosing the correct layers, of course, is paramount. Think of defence in depth as being risk mitigation constructs applying multiple layers of control across the length and breadth of your IT environment, and you will be pretty much on the money.

Doing this will not guarantee attack prevention, but it will slow down the bad guys and help protect your organization against the inevitability of those attacks. Done properly, a layered approach to security will buy you time; the time you need to respond effectively to any attack and mitigate a potential breach. In other words, it makes you harder to hack.

Read on for Seven Ways to make this happen.

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