8 Ways to Better Monitor Network Security Threats in the Age of BYOD

Unless you operate out of a cave, chances are your business has become awash with connected devices
brought into the enterprise by everyone from the CEO to factory floor workers. The age of BYOD is here, and with it a myriad of threats and challenges so broad that some have dubbed the phenomenon “Bring Your Own Disaster”.

Along with the BYOD challenge of multiple devices is where these devices go. Mobility is the other half of the BYOD equation, and mobile devices connect to a broad variety of networks – known and unknown, safe and unsafe, secure and insecure.

Unfortunately, mobility and BYOD are the natural enemies of network security. With users increasingly accessing business systems from the road or from home, just identifying the ever‐growing network security risks in this environment has become a nonstop job, challenging virtually every IT security organization.

In this SlashGuide we will take a look at eight ways security professionals can gain better control of the BYOD explosion and mitigate risk factors before they impact the enterprise.

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