A 16-65 Cycles/MB H.264/avc Motion Compensation Architecture for Quad-HD Applications

Provided by: EURASIP Topic: Data Centers Date Added: Sep 2011 Format: PDF
This paper presents a motion compensation architecture for Quad-HD H.264/AVC video decoder. For meeting the high throughput requirement, reducing power consumption and solving the memory latency problems, three optimization schemes are applied in this work. Firstly, a quarter-pel interpolator based on Horizontal-Vertical Expansion and Luma-Chroma Parallelism (HVE-LCP) is proposed to efficiently increase the throughput by at least 4 times from the previous designs. Secondly, a novel cache memory organization (4Sx4) is adopted to improve the on-chip memory utilization, contributing to memory area and power saving. Finally, a Split Task Queue (STQ) architecture enhances the memory system latency tolerance, which reduces overall processing time.

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