A 64 Bits Dynamically Key Controlled Symmetric Cipher (KAMFEE-X64)

This paper presents an improved version of KAMFEE cipher. The proposed cipher (KAMFEE-X64) is designed to be compatible with the new 64 bits microprocessors unlike the old cipher (KAMFEE) which is designed for systems based on x86 microprocessors. KAMFEE-X64 has a key dependent block length and key dependent rounds, enhanced by a rotor. The number of rotor's wheels depends on key length too; rotor is implemented using successive 64 bits affine transformations. Its block is divided into basic blocks of 64 bits length. 264 modulo addition and 64 bits XORING are used. It uses 64 bits s-boxes implemented using 64 bits affine transformation. Two steps of permutation are used, first step is basic block permutation and second step is basic block mixing.
Provided by: International Journal of Computer Applications Topic: Security Date Added: Nov 2012 Format: PDF

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