A 71-76-GHz Receiver Frontend in 130-nm CMOS

Provided by: International Journal of Advanced Engineering and Nano Technology (IJAENT)
Topic: Hardware
Format: PDF
A 71-76GHz receiver frontend with a variable gain range of 48.6dB is proposed in this paper. The receiver frontend composes of a Low-Noise Amplifier (LNA) and a Variable-Gain Low-Noise Amplifier (VG-LNA). To achieve high gain and low noise figure, the LNA consists of two common-source stages, and the VG-LNA consists of five common-source stages. Moreover, the gate terminals of the MOSFETs are adjusted to varying the frontend's gain in this paper. Based on these methods, a 71-76GHz receiver frontend has been designed in 130nm CMOS process.

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